Suvé hand treatment brush gives often neglected hands a gentle massage by stimulating blood circulation while lightly exfoliating. Use the badger and raccoon bristles on the double brush head on different areas of the hands to promote stimulation, from fingertips and nails, to palms and arms.

Every brush is handcrafted in Japan using quality walnut wood and fibers.



Using the black hair, brush each finger 3 times from knuckle to nail. (Back of hand)
Brush 3 times from web to wrist using brush vertically. (Back of hand)
Brush 5 times from wrist hand base moving toward the forearm using whole brush tip. (Palm side)
Stimulate and press each finger base for 5 seconds using a rocking motion. (Palm side)
Stimulate and press in the center of palm for 10 seconds using a rocking motion. (Palm side)
Brush in a circular motion from center of palm to outer using the brown hair. (Palm side)
Dividing the hand into 3 zones, brush from wrist to finger tip 3 times each zone using whole brush tip. (Palm side)